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Electroneum: Release of the mobile Mining App for Android

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Previously, it was only for a small group of people possible Electroneum with the Smartphone to lead in a beta version. Yesterday, it was now to the extent that, from now on, the Mobile Miner can be downloaded in the Google Playstore.

Electroneum has announced on 05.03.2018 on Twitter that the long-awaited mobile Mining Pool was released and available now in the Google Playstore to down load.

In the last few weeks, only a selected circle in the Form of a beta access to the new Mining Tool. The Tester could not only test the mobile Mining extensively, but have not received a reward. The App can be downloaded at the above Twitter link.

The App suggests such as the Name “Mining by Smartphone”. Actually, it is the “Mining by Smartphone”, but not Mining in the strict sense, but rather an Airdrop or as it’s called Electroneum Team “simulated Mining”. On the basis of the mobile power is determined, how much Coins the user “a” gets paid. The Coins are Pre-Mined and will be distributed in the framework of the Marketing campaign. The phone (or the CPU of the smartphone) does not itself complex computing tasks, such as otherwise, Mining is a common practice. So then explain why as Electroneum stresses, that Mobile Mining is driving the battery consumption upwards. The Smartphone will also be influenced in any other way (for example, a deterioration in operability due to CPU utilization, no increase in Internet Traffic volume) is negative.

On Reddit, the ETN Team has published a list of the simulated Hashrates according to Smartphone type. Currently, the network and the App seems to be heavily overloaded. It took a while could start to we the App. The interface is kept very simple and uncluttered. The Mining can be started immediately by Pressing the button “Mining Start”.

Whether it is really a lot of money can be earned, we doubt for the time being, however, we will drive a long-term test, to be able to make an informed statement to make. With the Galaxy Note 3, we achieve the 8 H/s and the older Galaxy S4 Mini 4 H/p.

Despite the positive news, the price appeared so far, completely unimpressed. To the editors of the time the price for a Electroneum Coin is 0.05 euros and a market capitalization of close to 356 million euros.

Since today Morning, the entire crypto market is showing a Downtrend, so that any Spike could be destroyed, up from the negative trend of the whole market.

Electroneum is a very young crypto-currency has to show their potential for application in the next few months or years.

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