Delay for process Stormy Daniels against lawyer Trump

43c41402502859cc24b6c96cb75783cd - Delay for process Stormy Daniels against lawyer Trump

A federal court in California Friday in the case of porn star Stormy Daniels, the legal proceedings against Michael Cohen, the lawyer of the American president Donald Trump, for the time being, 90 days suspended. Judge James Otero gave as a reason for the parallel investigation into Cohen.

The ‘unique circumstances’ of this case justify an interruption. “This is not a simple criminal investigation. An investigation against the personal lawyer of an incumbent president, ” said the judge.

The case is about an alleged affair of Trump with Stormy Daniels, the pseudonym of Stephanie Clifford. The president denied the relationship.

Trumps lawyer Cohen said he shortly before the presidential election in 2016, Clifford out-of-pocket 130.000 dollar (110.000 euro) zwijggeld had paid. On april 9, searched by the federal police office and the house of Cohen in New York. The officials names, e-mails, documents and account statements to be seized, with evidence of Cohens disputed payment.

Cohen had said Wednesday that he is in the process of his right to remain silent would use. In a statement claiming he is the fifth amendment of the constitution of the United States, that stipulates that no one is in a research itself needs to charge.

Cliffords lawyer Michael Avenatti shared on Twitter that his client objections will appeal against the suspension of the process.

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