Criticism of new program Kobe Ilsen

1c52ab40246402c9da0ee149c9d08f1a - Criticism of new program Kobe Ilsen

Kobe Ilsen defends in the Interest of the approach of his new program On One. Contained herein are serious themes treated in a light-hearted way. “The criticism I see as a compliment. What is the hell wrong with infotainment? I think it’s a name. For one reason or another must I always defend, that was in the ‘About Food’. We sit for a million people, and interesting things to tell. And yes, the sauce that we just cast, it is smooth and accessible. Should it!? We’re in primetime on One, then I don’t want to come down with a nicheding. If my name on a program, may – no, must – look good. And I don’t think that we have our pants parting for ratings to pick up, on the contrary. ‘One’ is one of the most informative programs I have ever done.”

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