Crisis within nobel committee grows: again, a member left

d2c45bb1e45ec188876c795e727bbb22 - Crisis within nobel committee grows: again, a member left

STOCKHOLM – The crisis within the committee that every year the Nobel prize for Literature awards is growing. Again, it is a member of the so-called Swedish Academy left because of a scandal involving the husband of one of the members. In Swedish media, it is now speculated that the price this year might not be awarded could be.

The husband of the author Katarina Frostenson was already under fire.

The Academy Saturday announced that Sara Stridsberg has logged off as a member. She is the sixth member of the eighteen that boarding-although the members are actually for the life member.

Following is the case of the spouse of collegalid Katarina Frostenson that eighteen women would have harassed or abused. Frostenson is also accused that they are seven times the name of the potential winner would have leaked and that they money of the Academy would have diverted to a cultuurclub that her husband ran, and where she co-owns.

A motion of censure against Frostenson pulled it earlier not, which three committee members walked out and the chairman left due to lack of confidence. Frostenson left eventually.

The financial unit of the Swedish police announced this week that an investigation had begun into the Swedish Academy. Where that is addressed to, was not published.

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