Content The Quiz for Paul de Leeuw secret

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Paul de Leeuw may host The Quiz, yet he may never have rehearsals to attend. Kwismasters Joep van Deudekom, Niels van der Laan, Jeroen Woe, and Rob Urgert keep the content of the weekly show for Paul and the guest secret until the pictures on Saturday afternoon.

Niels: “As Paul will go all the laptops are closed and we turn on the flip-overs. He may know nothing, see nothing. He knows absolutely nothing. Paul is very fanatical in games. He reads extra well the newspaper and frustrated as he is not a good answer. Paul is in the same boat as the guest, they know in advance not what it is. Also in the camera rehearsals we keep him away, so that it will be a surprise.”

For the kwismasters begin the preparation of the zaterdagavondshow already on Tuesday. It is a full working week, says Niels. “On Tuesday we start thinking about what we all can with the guest. On Wednesday, we take forward the actuality by of the week, even though the news is hard to steer. It happens that we are on Friday afternoon jokes to throw away, and sometimes working late at night.”

The Quiz began in 2011 as part of the zaterdagavondshow Pau!l of Paul de Leeuw, moved to Along with the Lion, and was such a success that in 2013 as a standalone program by if. The Quiz was nominated for the Silver debut competition and won two TV Images, for the best new format and for best entertainment.

Last year were, on average, 1.466.000 persons to an episode. During the current season is that 1.755.000 viewers, including delayed viewing. The best viewed episode of this season is the episode of 31 march: 1.964.000 viewers.

Saturday night is the last episode of the tenth season to see, that there is an end of the satirical show. Who Saturday night guest in the last show is still a surprise.

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