Busy times for Dan Karaty

a03d1c52808eacca2880b4b65f6edbd3 - Busy times for Dan Karaty

Dan Karaty has a particular pressure. We know him as a jury member in Belgiums Got Talent, but this weekend he started with another program on the Dutch tv. He is the co-creator and member of the jury of Time To Dance, a bbc 4 program in which he goes in search of the danstoppers of the Netherlands. The purpose of the talentshow to dancers to help them in their career. Dancing skills may participate as solodanser, duo or group. They will do the first thirty seconds of a ’first impression’ for a screen, that after the act tells whether the ’time to dance’ or ’time to go’. A good first impression has left should go straight to the jury to place his dancing skills in a minute and a half to perform.

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