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Bitcoin – Hype or the Start of a new Rally?

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White churches of the Traun, 27.03.2018 – At first glance, you might think that the Bitcoin Hype is over.

One negative headline after the Other put of the digital currency Bitcoin. In the beginning of the year, Facebook had banned any advertising of crypto-currencies. Now, Google is re-tightened last week, and prohibits starting in June 2018, all advertising currencies circuits for Bitcoin & Crypto, crypto exchanges, and Coin Offerings (ICOs).

In addition, some countries aim for a complete ban on or a legal restriction of digital currency. China & South Korea have already set a tightening, China has closed, for example, private crypto exchanges. In Western countries, it is required of each of the Central bankers and politicians to stricter rules for handling digital currencies.

The last few weeks have also sold some large Bitcoin whales larger amounts of the digital currency, and so in addition to exchange rate fluctuations. According to “Bloomberg”, at present, around 1,000 users, about 40 percent of the available Bitcoins. One of Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Mt liquidator of the former stock exchange. Gox. This need to sell the rest of the Coins, in order to serve the desires of the affected investors and creditors.

The rate is currently around 8,000$ per Bitcoin, far lower than the peak of about$ 20,000 to the end of 2017.

But on second glance, there are many reasons why the rate could increase over the long term.

Crypto-currencies have to rise a lot of positive arguments in favour of a further exponential price, as we have the last years and months seen. Currencies such as the Bitcoin is limited to 21 million units. It does not say infinite, as in the conventional money system, which is sustainable, being inflated. The Chance that the rates for a currency such as bitcoin is increases exponentially.

In addition, the large crypto-currencies are now global to maintain their value recognised. More and more people believe in the value of currencies, so you have the so-called “Store of Value” effect.

In many countries, crypto currencies even as the official means of payment accepted, see, e.g., Japan. After all, one of the largest economies in the world. In countries such as Venezuela, Ukraine, or Zimbabwe crypto-currencies are due to the high inflation rates become a kind of substitute currency. In countries such as Zimbabwe Transfers take abroad, often week long, here crypto-currencies are a practical Alternative to send money to other people.

In the case of the major currencies even larger sums of money can be bought and sold. So you have already a corresponding liquidity.

An increasing recognition of crypto-exchanges on the part of the authorities, the entry of institutional investors, as well as significant technological developments can also contribute to the courses develop rapidly.

Another factor is the so-called crypto-ETFs. Although the first prototypes in the U.S. have failed securities and exchange Commission (SEC), many are of the view that it was only a matter of time and the crypto-ETFs are a reality. Background: Using a Bitcoin ETF (short for “Exchange Traded Fund”), investors can participate in the course development, without the need to even Bitcoin or buy. All arguments for another course of the great crypto-increase in currencies.

It remains exciting in any case, our tip is: Invest only money you don’t need them immediately for their livelihood.

Author: Andreas Eschlberger, managing Director of the next block GmbH

Company: next block Mining customers are part of the Blockchain technology, and are mining their own Coins.

2018 will be the year of crypto-currencies and their payment systems. Already now the Austrians use 6% of the digital currencies, and almost 50% of Austrians are of the opinion that Bitcoin & Co will win in the retail sector.

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