Belpop is back

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Belpop is back: the award-winning documentary series about iconic Belgian musicians makes her big comeback with four new musical portraits and a two-part series about the Belgian music in the ’80s.

This eighth edition, immerses the viewer into the swirling stories of Arsenal, Triggerfinger, Flip Kowlier and Luc De Vos. In the dubbelaflevering Eighty was beautiful looks Belpop back on the booming Belgian music scene in the late ’70, early ’80, with resounding names as T. C. Matic, The Kreuners, The Kids, The Scabs, Red Zebra, Luna Twist, Allez Allez, Lavvi Ebbel e.a.

The new series is a great alibi for a fresh redesign with a new chart and generic. For the opening tune signed DJ/producer: Faisal Chatar with a catchy remix of Theme from Turnpike. of dEUS.
But what does not change is the strong formula of the series. Artists talk openly about their earliest inspirations, the first timid appearances, the search for an artistic identity, the geploeter for the recognition, the blissful euphoria of the breakthrough, the hangover of the success, the coming of well-known numbers, the eccentricities on tour, the foreign victory or failure, the painful split or the eternal camaraderie.

Interviews with the main characters are interspersed with contributions from high-order to testify as an (ex-) band members, producers, fellow musicians, roadies, managers. The story is narrated by the familiar voice of Luc Janssen and richly illustrated with (often never before seen) archival footage.
From Monday 30 april at 21.15 u. on Canvas and (hh on Tuesday at 19.00 h.)

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