Belgian investigation into 21 suspicious deaths

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NAMUR – The Belgian public prosecutor has a large investigation into 21 suspicious deaths in Names in the past few years. A nurse has now been arrested. He is of the murder suspect.

A remarkable statistic: in the first nine months of 2017 were in the region of Namur, fourteen murders. According to the newspapers of Sudpresse is a multiple of that even committed in the same nursing home, and by one and the same nurse.

It comes to a married thirty-something from 1975, a father also, that if a nurse works in a retirement home in La Méridienne in Meux (Namur). He sits in the cell on suspicion of murder. The investigation is examining whether the man is associated with other criminal offences.


The ball came in the summer of 2017 on the reels when a family complaint was submit after the death of a neighbor who the day before still in perfect condition. “The man has insulin injected, so that person died”, says a source close to the investigation against The Newspaper.

Since then the nurse in pre-trial detention and his multiple bodies examined. The lawyer of the nurse, Cédric Bernès, denies the facts. “My client is indeed arrested, but he denies which he is suspected.”

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