Alleged “Golden State Killer” for right

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SACRAMENTO – The ex-cop who is suspected that he was the Golden State Killer, was published Friday shortly before the court. The 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo made it clear that he beat the charges understand.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72 years of age.

DeAngelo sat in a wheelchair and gave little evidence of emotion. He spoke hardly. The ex-agent is, as yet, been prosecuted for eight murders which are attributed to the Golden State Killer. That infamous serial killer would be responsible for twelve murders and 45 rapes in the seventies and eighties.

The police came to the suspect on the trail by DNA from the crime scene to compare with genetic profiles on websites that used to be family tree charts to figure it out. He appeared in the seventies as a police officer to have worked in California. He lost his job in 1979 after he was accused of shoplifting.

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