8.5 percent of German suspects immigrant

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BERLIN – The crime rates in Germany are on a downward trend. In 2017 they took in all the states, the most in Bavaria (-28,7%). Of the persons suspected of a criminal offence was 8.5 percent immigrant. In total, about 167.268 cases. That writes the newspaper die Welt, appealing to the statistics of the police. On may 8, officially published.

Since the large influx is recorded in the crime, the share of German newcomers. To this end, among others, asylum seekers, ‘status athletes’, protected refugees and illegal immigrants be counted. Most of the declarations against them were done because of pick pocketing or tasjesroof (31.4 percent). Relatively often there was talk of a sexual offence (to 15.7 percent), violence (15,2), robbery (15,1) and burglary (10,7).

The city state of Berlin was 14.588 of crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, the most dangerous place, followed by Hamburg (12.480) and Bremen (11.960). Of all the major cities were Munich in 2017, is by far the safest. In some areas took to the crime, including drug-related offences and illegal possession of firearms.

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