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With Ethereum against censorship: #metoo movement on the Blockchain

08fe20cd7a8a68bb0d152406516949e2 - With Ethereum against censorship: #metoo movement on the Blockchain

After the suicide of a student at the Chinese University of Beijing rape allegations against a Professor. On Investigation, the University responded with censorship. Students spread messages on the Ethereum block Chain.

The impetus of the current debate is a suicide from the year 1998. Classmates of the deceased student raise allegations against the Professor Shen Yang, to have the student raped. Shen Yang denies the allegations. He is no longer at the University in Beijing.

The student Deng Yuzhen to handle the 20-year-old incident. You published an article by expressed concern about the “Shenyang incident”. Together with other students you requested finally, the disclosure of the case at the University. A Petition signed by a number of students.

Censorship and harassment by the University

How the University responded to the call, after telling the student in Yue Xin on the Ethereum block Chain. She is one of eight students who have applied for the disclosure of the Shenyang incident at the University. Yue Xin writes in the Ethereum document (readable by clicking on the Convert To UTF8), and harassed and intimidated. So they surveyed members of the faculty several times until late in the night. Also, you had to destroy the Petition, as well as all the information about the Shenyang incident from your Computer and Smartphone to delete. At the same time, the University informed her that “the content could not be found for public Review of Shenyang due to work errors in a Chinese Institute.” It follows the allegations in Yue Xin’s document, the University of Beijing’s effort to cover up the incident.

The Blockchain as a helper

Block chains will not only save transactions, but can also contain hidden messages. How this works, we have explained here. Yue Xin has encoded the contents of the open letter and by means of a transaction on the Blockchain stored. Members of at least three Chinese universities have joined in this action, in the meantime, and using the Blockchain to support expresses.

The Bypass of censorship shows one of the great Strengths of the decentralised Blockchain technology. A weak point however, there are block explorers on centralized Websites. Although information can be deleted directly on the Blockchain, access to the necessary Websites can be blocked. The potential of the Blockchain as a censorship-resistant communication develop medium fully to the need for simpler methods to explore the Blockchain. Here, the developers are in demand.

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