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Wisconsin: uncertainty in Bitcoin donations

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The US state of Wisconsin is considering to accept future donations on the Bitcoin Basis. The crypto-currency the regulators, however, face two problems: The Pseudo-anonymity and the volatility of Bitcoins.

To accept crypto-currencies as a donation is in principle not a bad matter. In a short time, you can send theoretically, the desired amounts to the company of his choice. You need to pay attention to national borders, the costs are in the best case, is quite low. These advantages make donations in crypto for parties interesting. As in the case of Wisconsin, however, shows just the a lot of acclaimed advantage of Bitcoin is a Problem. Because payments whose origin you do not know, are seen in the policy (at least officially) hate.

During a hearing on the 24.04. Phil Anderson presented the ethics-to accept Commission of Wisconsin the application, in the future, crypto-donations. So it was just the growing Adaption in society, the make a acceptance in the policy. The Governor’s candidate got no final answer. The ethics Commission held back with a decision. In addition to the Pseudo-anonymity it is also the high volatility, which is a Problem.

The state of Montana has found an intermediate solution: Here, accepted currencies, although the donations in Crypto. However, this must be immediately converted into US dollars. The state prohibits candidates here, to possess Wallets.

Bitcoin donations popular

In other sectors donations in Bitcoin, however, are quite popular. Accepted the Austrian Hilfswerk youth one world Austria already since last year donations in Bitcoin. The regional League team Wuppertaler SV, announced recently that they accept donations in Bitcoin. Last time, they also decided the Ripple network and the OmiseGo platform to donate crypto-currencies for social projects. OmiseGo brought together with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, a Million dollars in OMG-Token to support an organization for Refugees. Ripple donated XRP to a value of 29 million US dollars to public schools in the United States.

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