Win a duoticket for ‘Death Wish’, an action movie with Bruce Willis!

3e3dfc90f9251ce9ca50d7d85548c56f - Win a duoticket for ‘Death Wish’, an action movie with Bruce Willis!

Starting may 9 you can go to the cinema go watch ‘Death Wish’, an action movie from Eli Roth with Bruce Willis in the lead role. Win here a duoticket!

Fancy an exciting action movie? We may five duotickets to give away for Death Wish. Answer the wedstrijdvragen and take a chance!


We follow Paul Kersey, a surgeon in Chicago who is confronted with violence as his wife and daughter in brutal way, are victims of a set straatcriminelen. When the crime is his daughter is raped and becomes his wife fatally wounded. The police will, however, he heard that the perpetrators will probably never be caught. When his wife dies of her injuries and, during his work of a patient has a gun, he decides to take matters into their own hands… From that moment there is no criminal in Chicago is still safe…

‘Death Wish’ is a film by Eli Roth , and a remake of the eponymous film (1974) with Charles Bronson. Bruce Willis plays in this new version the role of Paul Kersey. At his side you can also see Elizabeth Shue and Vincent D’onofrio.

In the Belgian cinemas from 9 may 2018, and about four months later in the On-demand catalogue of Proximus TV!

Best of luck with the contest!!!

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