Willem-Alexander celebrates politically-charged Koningsdag

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The birthday of the Dutch monarch has traditionally been good for a festival. But this year there was more on the program than the usual koekhappen and the many flea markets. King Willem-Alexander spoke during a visit to Groningen with a number of people whose houses became damaged in the drilling for natural gas, which the party also has a political dimension.

The king draws traditionally, on his birthday, to a Dutch city to the population as a greeting. This year the choice fell, not coincidentally, Groningen. The region has been suffering due to earthquakes, caused by gas drilling operations. The damage is in the meantime grown so large that many of the buildings irreparably damage occurred. The netherlands, meanwhile, has decided to have the holes completely to stop.

Now came the king on his feast day the victims of a heart under the belt jabs. Between the greetings of all kinds of youth the king had time just to talk with a group of people who are personally affected.

Den Haag

They gave according to the Dutch broadcaster NOS that they still live in fear, despite the promise to the drilling halt. The people in Groningen also complained that lack of hearing get in the political centre in The Hague. “I have the idea that the whole of the Netherlands with us is sympathetic to the plight, but that sympathy stops in the Courtyard,” said one of the people.

When the king asked whether more listen to them than in the past, they answered it in the affirmative. Willem-Alexander and his wife Máxima gave after the end of the conversation that they are sure to want to return to the situation to follow


Also outside the official programme were the gas wells is clearly a theme. For example, there was the great market between the orange flags are also a large photo of a gestutte farm.


Meanwhile, the Dutch king Willem-Alexander his 51st birthday celebration with good populariteitscijfers. Almost three fourth of its nationals is satisfied about its functioning, a quarter even finds that he is now doing better than his mother Beatrix. This is evident from the annual Koningsdagenquête of Ipsos, commissioned by the NOS. He stated, ” there is better than at his arrival.

Willem-Alexander will of his fellow-countrymen on average 7.6. His wife, Máxima do with 8 even better.

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