Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 17

201e2e555c500aaa078d08bf45ed06a2 - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 17

Five newcomers means that we of the same songs to say goodbye. Unfortunately, that is this week the case for Jan Paternoster and the “Chef of the peloton”, ’T Hof van commerce “Bam!”, The “Party Song” of the Ment Party Band, Hannelore Bedert with “Breathing space” and “My obsession” of Bruurs.

The first newcomer is Michael Lanzo on 49 and “home is where one loves you”. 47 for Coco Jr. with “The light stays on”. Number 41 is “I see you” of Frimout. 32 is for Bart Herman and “As the lightning”. One place higher, we find a Neighbor with “Boats to Dover sail”.

“This miracle,” by Dana Winner burps backwards, from 8 to 10. Despite his “Fever” jumps Dean from 11 to 9. “Alone together” climbs Metejoor from 10 to 8. The “Smartphone” of Bart Peeters is on the rise, from 9 to 7. Also “my own thing” Lissa Lewis is doing a little better than last week. She climbs from 7 to 6. “Take me by the hand” of Wim Soutaer gives a spot free up on 5. SLM and “Kifesh” go ahead, 6 to 4. Niels Destadsbader and “I’m ’t stroate” hang on 3. Also “Capture me” from the same Niels Destadsbader remains status quo 2. This means that Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert and “Zoutelande” the chart continues to argue, and this is already for the fifteenth week in a row.

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