Tom Cruise: twelve hours a day at the physio

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Where a lot of actors, a stuntman for hire to the dangerous stunts in a movie to do, does Tom Cruise work for years itself. And not without consequences. The actor broke last year during the filming of Mission: Impossible – Fallout in London are single, and then quickly restore to the recording schedule again to resume. This told Tom during Cinemacon this week.

“I was almost twelve hours a day, seven days per week, with the physical therapist to get my ankle better. Six weeks later we were back filming, and twelve weeks later I had again, sprinting. So that was very spicy days. The doctors were not even sure that I’m within nine months to run, but I said, ” it is what it is and I’m going to do this,” said Tom.

In the scarce free time that he had read the actor a lot of books and he watched movies. “I had the idea to be busier during my recovery, than on the set.” Cruise broke his ankle after he jumped from one building to the other had to make, but was unfortunate against a wall to bounce back. “I felt that it went really wrong, but wanted the recording to finish. Therefore, crept I up and just pretended there was nothing going on. Once everything was on it, I said that I had to go to hospital and had the rest of the crew plans going forward, as we the pictures by me, had to temporarily cease.”

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