This is the new single from Ellis

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Around her 18th meet Every Taelman, born in Lier on december 4, 1986, zangcoach Wilfried Van Beveren, who convinced her that they definitely have to do something with her beautiful voice. She adds the action to the word, and in 2012 she won the “Muziekklas” at Radio 2.The hard work pays off, and Each brings a number of Flemish, successful singles on the market.

In 2017, she decided to take on a totally different bow to throw. Her heart is, indeed, the country-pop style. She works together with Jo Cassiers on a number of new songs. And under its new name Ellis enters her first popsingle “Bring Me Back” on the market. The song is very well received by the radios. But in the meantime, we are again a number of months have passed and it is time for a next song on her audience to let loose.

“Heartache” is a pop song with balls. You is instant happy if you get the melody to hear even if it is about pain. Enjoy this fantastic song…. and yes it becomes an instant spring in your heart!

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