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Stromae lost long-awaited new music

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He already had a couple of patches published on the social media, the curiosity to awaken, but the long-awaited new single from Stromae is now finally online.

The video of the single came in the night from Thursday to Friday, just online. That was still hidden on YouTube, but the American modemagazine ‘Vogue’ hit Friday at midnight, apparently the link to the new work yet. After a couple of hours had also Stromaes team, after which the video was taken offline.

We were able to view the video for that disappeared. The clip for ‘Défiler’ makes use of images of the fashion show ‘The Mosaert Factory in Paris for the new clothing line ‘Capsule n°5 of Stromaes label Mosaert.


The single Défiler the meantime, however, you can listen to on Spotify.

Apart from the background music in a promo video for his “Capsule n°4” a thick, years ago – short, without vocals, and different from his normal style – is this music the first solo work of the Brussels artist since the single “Quand c’est” in 2015. Three years have his fans so have to wait, but with a nine-minute-long composition, their patience will be rewarded. The number can have one of Stromaes better be called, in his characteristic style, and with a strong singing meaningful text.

‘The song is about walking in the original meaning, and figuratively, ” says Stromae to ‘Vogue’. ‘It’s also about beauty and our modern conception of it. Actually I’m talking about life in general. Sometimes you go forward, you go backwards, and sometimes try to get yourself over to cross, or not.’

Stromae wrote the music especially for the parade, along with his brother and art director Luc Junior Tam, who is also the clip directed. ‘Défiler’ is the title and lyrics to a video clip clearly intertwined with the clothing line. If this is the impetus for a new album or purely promotional material for his “Capsule n°5” is also unclear.

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