Stricter rules of conduct at the airports of Moscow

6189e4e54e3cf03de85c5b552b911d67 - Stricter rules of conduct at the airports of Moscow

MOSCOW – Visitors from three airports in Moscow may not be more on benches to sleep on floors and sit or drive around on trolleys. The regional parliament in the run-up to the world cup in Russia agreed with more stringent conduct of business rules, message to the newspaper the Moscow Times.

The measures apply to the airports Sjeremetjevo, Domodedovo and Zjoekovski. Who is in the wrong, and may get a fine from 100 to 500 rubles, converted about 1 to 6 euros. Further, also the places of luggage on the chairs and hand washes in public toilets on the list of prohibited activities.

Also, people are addressed who walk around in “dirty and smelly clothes” or at the airport camp instead of in a hotel, quotes the newspaper from a statement of the regiobestuur. Visitors with signs to be informed of the new rules.

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