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Stoffel Vandoorne despite disappointing time positive: “It looks good”

c26fb2f539166915b7e3057b5f77bbd6 - Stoffel Vandoorne despite disappointing time positive: "It looks good"

During the first two practice sessions for the GP of Azerbaijan drove our compatriot Stoffel Vandoorne every time the nineteenth time. At first sight this seems disappointing, but Vandoorne itself looks back and hopes for a positive continuation of the race weekend.

“It was a positive day,” says Vandoorne back on Friday in Azerbaijan. “We have a few new parts being tested on the car. So far was our focus on understanding and utilize those new parts. There is still much to be learned and there are still many improvements to be done. I think, however, that our progress today demonstrates that we are heading in the right direction.”

With two times a nineteenth time you would at first sight think that Vandoorne would be disappointed but that he’s not. Vandoorne was able to say no easily lap without traffic, finishing, which, of course, had repercussions on the driven lap times.

“For me, it feels much better than the tijdlijsten look. We have no ‘pure’ round on the ultrasoft band can drive because we’re traffic and had me against the wall aanreed. I could have my time doesn’t improve and switched to the supersoft.”

“There is definitely still more to come. Hopefully we can all be good for each other and develop tomorrow when the qualification is a good result,” concluded Vandoorne.

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