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Sterkhouder Capon extends his contract with KV Oostende

7d5d9e68187aeaef9781f62e89b79ed3 - Sterkhouder Capon extends his contract with KV Oostende

Brecht Capon has his contract with KV Oostende extended. Reports that KV Oostende is on his website. The 30-year-old Capon signed on for three seasons plus an option for a fourth season.

Brecht Capon came in the summer of 2015, about of KV Kortrijk and since then has been a fixed value on the right rear. “If Oostendenaar I can nowhere be better than at KVO”, says the vice-captain on the website of the club. “After the departure of Marc Coucke, there was a moment of uncertainty, but with Peter Callant and Hugo Broos is blowing now really a new wind in Ostend. The club goes back to the values that as a child I knew when I was with my father to KVO went to have a look. That is to say, an over-my-lijkmentaliteit, players who make their shirt wet, and a healthy mix of young energy and experienced players. Those values are also what I stand for and I am happy that I stay part of this new ‘KVO 3.0’. Next season, we focus on a throw to the Play-off 1.”

Capon scored this season, four goals and gave an assist in 28 league games for the kustploeg.

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