Stef Blok, under the impression of Mike Pompeo

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BRUSSELS – Foreign Minister Stef Blok (VVD) is under the impression of the first performance of his new American colleague Mike Pompeo on the international stage. He calls it “an illustration of the importance that the US-NATO-attach”, that Pompeo Friday, barely twelve hours after his appointment, already in Brussels city travel to the ministers of Foreign Affairs of the alliance. “Impressive,” said Block.

Pompeo’s appointment was made Thursday afternoon by the U.s. Senate approved, and the minister got right on the plane to Brussels. Block said that Pompeo “very interested and well-informed” about the topics on the NATO agenda. It was also Block’s first NATO meeting. Block brought under more report of his recent visit to Moscow, where he worries about the Russian role in Ukraine and Syria has been expressed.

Pompeo demonstrated to be in accordance with Block very committed to the NATO, despite the criticism that president Donald Trump arranged on the alliance. “Here was an American minister as a true partner in NATO.” But just like his predecessors and Trump hammered Pompeo out that the other NATO allies have more money in their defence to cross at least 2 percent of their GDP. The netherlands has in this respect a ’wilsafspraak’ is made, according to Block. “We are investing heavily.”

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