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Starts Lewis Hamilton again a mental battle for the F1 title?

d06870de62544d80097c185375a5575e - Starts Lewis Hamilton again a mental battle for the F1 title?

Last year, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton during the grand prix of Azerbaijan, the basis for his F1 title. How he did that? In addition to the job, mentally, the battle with rival Sebastian Vettel to go …

It is often said that the in the Formula 1 not to the rider runs but to the ‘fastest car’. Partly correct that, of course, but only about the fastest car available, it is not enough to become world champion. Also mentally you have as a F1 pilot is very strong.

No error during that ultimate fast lap when you fight to the polepositie, or not go wrong when you during the race is placed under pressure by another rider, … not every rider is there as well.

The mental aspect is going to be at F1-pilots, however, go much further than that. Competitors, and even teammates, try the other rider to destabilise it so that less is going to perform. Examples enough in the history of Formula 1.

Reigning F1 champion is known to be fast over a single lap. In recent years, largely due to its super fast and dominant Mercedes F1 car. The combination of Hamilton-Mercedes made sure that the competitors of Hamilton in their subconscious mind, Hamilton is almost invincible. It was there mentally, that they are already lagging behind in the qualification started.

When Hamilton in 2014 and in 2015 became world champion he got in a mutual fight with team-mate Nico Rosberg. We were at times very intense battles to see, but the Briton won the title when on ‘mental health’.

When Nico Rosberg in 2016, himself a world champion crowned was that again, especially since he was that year, finally the mental battle of Hamilton won. The German gave later that he all had done to Hamilton mentally off balance.

And really everything, that you are free to be taken literally. During the GP of Japan came to Hamilton in the center of a media storm. Many journalists and fans was the Brit disrespectful because he during the press conference on the Thursday prior to the race weekend constantly with a smart phone was busy and crazy photos created by snapchat. So he was under more for rabbit ears in the F1-colleague Carlos Sainz.

More was, according to Rosberg not necessary to that year, the sene in his direction to overturn. Rosberg made sure that Hamilton, throughout the race weekend, in the interest continued to stand by his ‘lack of respect’ and criticism received for his some behavior in front of the media.

Hamilton was a verbal battle with the media, a battle ensured that he was the focus during the rest of the race weekend in Japan lost. The Brit had during the rest of the race weekend, than also stitches. So it made Hamilton a very poor start during the race, giving him a lot of places and valuable points in the title took. The Brit was mentally out of balance, and the title was ultimately in favor of Rosberg decided.

Last year we saw the reverse at Hamilton. After a difficult period, he began suddenly to perform better when he mentally Vettel on the nerves started to work. Flashback to the GP of Azerbaijan last year. Hamilton conducted a so-called ‘brake-test’ at Sebastian Vettel, or at least that was Vettel anyway. According to Vettel had Hamilton suddenly in a curve on the brake, just in a moment that Vettel accelerated because of the safety car on the track would go.

Vettel put his Ferrari on the back of the Mercedes of Hamilton. The German went on the red reed, and then ‘intentionally’ side to side against Hamilton. It would be a critical moment turn out to be in the title because from then on, we saw that Hamilton got better performance and the cloth to him started to withdraw. Vettel and Ferrari, the season started well, started from then on more and more stitches to drop, sometimes hasty, sometimes focuses on the wrong issues to focus.

If we look back at the first races of the F1 season 2018, we see that Hamilton full of confidence to the season began. With a big lead captured Hamilton the polepositie in Australia, but that first race win was not a success. The safety car threw a spanner in the works. Not Hamilton, which everyone thought he was with a big lead would win, but Sebastian Vettel won the first race of the season.

Hamilton screamed his disbelief on the radio and after the race continued Hamilton particularly long in the car. His body language spoke volumes: “unbelief, what is me now happened to you?”

Also during the second race was the price for Hamilton. Jammer this time it was Max Verstappen, who at the Brit reed, and thus his own car damaged. Hamilton was not in the vicinity of the victory and struck again at the thought.

A week and a half ago, there was the GP of China. On a circuit where Mercedes over the past years, become increasingly dominated, we saw Mercedes in qualifying is not even close to the polepositie. Again disbelief in Hamilton, the shoulder shrugged, and publicly proclaimed that he didn’t know. Resignation reigned at the Brit, that eventually the damage during the race could restrict because Verstappen this time Vettel of the socks drove.

Fact is that Lewis Hamilton as a driver is the ultimate example of how the mental aspect in the Formula 1 is so important. When he has a fast car and he is in his element than Hamilton is hard to beat. Is it, then let the Brit fairly quickly the shoulders and he’s looking for the error, often with others. Recently also showed Nico Rosberg means that Hamilton are competitors of such weak moments should take advantage. Hamilton is usually particularly strong back.

This coming weekend will Hamilton return to Baku, indeed, the circuit to which he last year the mental battle with Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari he could and where he is, the roles began to reverse. Curious to see Hamilton in Azerbaijan again the mental battle in his favor may overturn and he, if possible, lay the foundation for a possible fifth world title in the Formula 1 …

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