Spanish protests after verkrachtingszaak

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There are protests going on in Spain through the aftermath of a verkrachtingszaak from 2016. Five men were found guilty for sexual abuse, but acquitted of rape.

Sexual abuse is a less serious crime than rape in Spain. In the case of abuse, there is no question of violence or intimidation. The decision of the court was not in good earth, and thousands came on the streets in different cities. The demonstrators shouted ‘I believe you’, ‘no is No’ and ‘It is not abuse, it is rape’.

A achttienjarig woman was in 2016 raped by five men during the San Fermin festival, known for the running of the bulls. One of the men stole her cell phone after the rape. They filmed the rape and talked about it later and laugh over Whatsapp.

The judgment fell after a court case five months it took, and behind closed doors, was held to establish the identity of the victim to protect. The public prosecutor had 20 years asked, the men were sentenced each to nine years in prison. They also need 50,000 euros to pay damages. According to the men themselves it was a case of reciprocal group sex.

In the Spanish summer have many celebrations structurally to contend with assaults, assaults, or other crimes. “It is a deep-rooted problem that stems from machismo,’ says Laura Berro, who in Pamplona ships for equality. “It is not at all normal for a woman just to touch or something to her to call. That is objectionable.’

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