Seven students killed in attack in China

2384ec550a14a86c0ba7e7c35a353cd8 - Seven students killed in attack in China

In the north of China has a man Friday to seven students killed with a knife. Ten other students injured.

The facts were identified as being near a high school in the district, Mizhi, Shaanxi province. The young people went after school, back home, when they were suddenly attacked.

The man with the knife could be overpowered and arrested, according to a press release from the local authorities.

According to the police of Mizhi is the offender a 28-year-old man, who in revenge wanted to take it because he during his school would be bullied.

The injured children are cared for and transferred to the hospital. It comes to students who are between twelve and fifteen years old.

The attack evokes memories of a series of mesaanvallen on Chinese school children between 2010 and 2012. It came at least 25 students to the life.

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