Serious car accident mother Russell Brand

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The reason that Russell Brand are to occur in Aberdeen, scotland, has declined, is that his mother Barbara Brand (71) has been involved in a serious car accident. While Barbara, in a chauffeur driven Audi A8, was on the way to Russell and his wife Laura on their eighteen-month-old daughter Mabel to fit, the Audi head-on hit by a Vauxhall Astra. The driver of the Astra would have gone away, reports The Sun.

According to an eyewitness, the person in the Astra the steering control will be lost. “The car crashed completely into the Audi. The driver of mrs. Fire fell out of the car and they could not get out. Her seatbelts were tight to her body, which she was in pain. Bystanders have her out of the car. When she was once on a stretcher from the ambulance was, there came blood from her nose and the back of her head. We continued to talk with her, to keep her conscious.”

Both the driver as russell’s mother are brought to the hospital and seem to have no life-threatening injuries to have walked. The police are continuing an investigation in to the escaped offender. “It was a man of about 25 years old, who was picked up by a car about two cars behind them drove at the time of the accident. In a white Volkswagen Golf they are there then gone away,” said the eyewitness.

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