Saxon is playing in our country

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If sterkhouder of the British heavy metal scene remains Saxon to continue in his status of living legend. Last February, the quintet with a twenty-second studio album titled ‘Thunderbolt’. The twelve songs in the purest tradition of the genre, including a tribute to Motörhead.
Since their inception in 1976 Biff Byford and his men as one of the references in the international hardrockscene. As the pioneer of the NWOBHM movement, the band has an extraordinary career built up an extremely loyal fanbase, thanks to legendary albums like ‘Saxon’, ‘Wheels of Steel’ and ‘Strong Arm of the Law’. Saxon has an impressive list of hits such as “Never Surrender”, “Princess of the Night”, “Wheels of Steel”, “Crusader” and “Denim and Leather”. All classics that with certainty on the setlist at each show. They play everywhere in the world to sold-out venues and on the biggest metalfestivals, including no less than nine performances at Graspop Metal Meeting.

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