Reruns of The Cosby Show deleted

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In the wake of the verdict in the court case surrounding Bill Cosby, guilty was found to have the drugging and abuse of former basketball star Andrea Constant in his house in 2004, has Bounce TV, Atlanta decided to up the repetitions of the popular 80’s series The Cosby Show immediately to stop. This is reported in Page Six.

The show was from september 1984 to may 1992, world and kept millions of fans glued to the tube. Cosby won multiple awards with his show, the life showed a successful African-American doktersfamilie in New York. There was even a spin-off result, A Different World, which is also well reviewed.

After a jury the comedian she had found at the crimes for which he was indicted, was decided by the court on bail to await his final punishment. The former Cosby Show actor is found guilty of all charges. On each offence is up to ten years in prison. Although during this trial, several women testified that they drugged and abused by Cosby, turned the matter to Andrea Constant. Most other cases are statute-barred. In total, 62 women have come forward with similar stories about the actor.

Andrea Constant

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