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Recovery for Bitcoin; ICON, Sia, Verge, Stellar, and EOS recorded the largest gains

adb73669aac9d293de7201fffb45b434 - Recovery for Bitcoin; ICON, Sia, Verge, Stellar, and EOS recorded the largest gains

After the crypto-currency market experienced in the last two days of a pullback, now seems to be the COP to take over again. After the Bitcoin exchange rate on Wednesday, 25.04. even at the 8,000 Euro brand scratched, dropped the price of BTC in the hours after that, around 10 per cent to less than 7,200 euros.

How yesterday turned out, (so the presumption of many) of the strong price decline of Bitcoin again with a sale of 17,000 BTC due to Mt. Gox Trustee.

Known as the address shows, were again transferred to 17,000 Bitcoins and a BTC Wallet address, which has received to this day, over 40,000 BTC.

As we reported, sparked the Mt. Gox Trustee in the past months, rates of slide on several occasions, after he has liquidated large sums of Bitcoin. A confirmation of the fact that Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Trustee in bankruptcy of the bankrupt Mt. Gox exchange liquidated the Bitcoin actually is, and not only has moved, not there yet.

As with the last sales of fierce criticism, but came on again this Time that Kobayashi (at least seemingly) a public crypto-currency exchange instead of the could have used OTC, Over-the-Counter (OTC) market, to sell the BTC.

In contrast to crypto-exchanges, OTC transactions take place directly between large traders, or miners and do not interfere with the public crypto-currency market, because the liquidity and the structure of the two markets are separated.

There is also this Time a temporal relation between the movement of the BTC, and the price drop, the presumption is close, that Kobayashi has used a cryptocurrency exchange for sale.

Currently, the COP seems to be too strong to affect the market in the long term. The Bitcoin price in the past 24 hours by about 6 percent to 7700 Euro (editorial time).

But not just Bitcoin but also Altcoins show a reversal in the trend. In sum, the total market capitalization of $ 380 billion was able to recover to 420 billion, and is not so far from the weeks-best value of approximately 437 million.

Within the Top 10, a consistently positive Trend. In addition to Stallar, which can grow 10 percent, as in the last few days already EOS and IOTA, which can (nearly) double-digit price gains.

Within the Top 30, in particular, three other crypto-currencies can do: Verge, ICON and Siacoin.

After the official announcement of the partnership with PornHub Verge had shown a steady negative Trend. Even more surprising is that Verge for the past 24 hours, with around 11 per cent in the Plus. Currently a Verge for 0,06019 Euro is traded.

ICON couldn in the last 24 hours to 21 percent rise and is currently at a price of EUR 3.86. The increase is likely to be pushed by the news that Pantera Capital, one of the best-known cryptographic currency hedge Fund, has a larger “bet” on ICX.

Siacoin showed not only in the past few hours, but also over the last month, a strong, above-average upward trend. Within the last month is Sicaoin to 120 percent within the last 24 hours, with a 15 percent increase. The next days will show how long the COP.

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