Pompeo: NATO remains the cornerstone of security USA

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BRUSSELS – The new American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo has during his first visit to NATO of the doubt to take on the importance that the US still attach great importance to the alliance. “NATO is the cornerstone of our security policy, and that she remains,” said Pompeo, whose appointment as minister until Thursday came around. “The Russian threats and unacceptable actions, and NATO is indispensable than ever.”

Mike Pompeo

President Donald Trump has regularly been critical of the NATO elated, because the European allies are not contributing sufficiently. But according to Pompeo does not affect the solidarity of the USA with the alliance. “I can think of no more appropriate destination for my first international trip proposals.”

He repeated the U.s. criticism of the low defence spending. Pompeo hopes that the allies at the upcoming NATO summit in July on the bridge will come. “The European partners have more responsibility for their own safety.”

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