Painful sale for Marga Bult

47b91f2fa309c4e583e20269a4a891aa - Painful sale for Marga Bult

At the end of last year knew Marga Bult (61) to reach an agreement on the sale of its scheidingshuis in Denekamp. Until recently she sat on a notary to make the sale official. It appeared that the farm in Twente, not much has brought.

The old house of Marga Bult, of which the sale is not without a hitch.

Marga’s farm is sold for just is 730,000 euros, while the last asking price significantly more amounted to 795.000 euro. The sale was not without a hitch. Not in the last place, sales had to do with her divorce and rested no fewer than six mortgages on the farm. Profitable will be the sale probably not.

Marga Bult now lives at a park near her old house, near village De Lutte. The park is advertised as suitable for the lovers of peace, hiking, biking and nature. The park is a leisure centre with a restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, squash and tennis courts and a gym.

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