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Other Bitcoin Hard Forks in December: Scam or good to Invest?

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Two emerging Bitcoin Hard Fork currencies, Bitcoin, Cash, and Bitcoin is Gold, we find already in the Top 10 of the sizes of Coins in the crypto world. For the next 2 months a whole series of other forks of Bitcoin, which will mainly take place in December.

As we bericheten already, the Super Bitcoin on August 15. December 2018 in the case of block number 498888 to secede, and thus as a new Coin is born. The Super Bitcoin should have implemented Smart Contracts, a Lightening-Network, Zero-Knowledge Proofs and a larger Blocksize. A detailed Roadmap it is to find currently, still.

Bitcoin Platinum

Bitcoin Platinum is split off, probably at the 12.12.2017 in block number 498533.

The innovations in Bitcoin Platinum are the Following:

  1. There will be an implementation of the Equihash, we find already in the crypto-currency ZCash. Equihash promises better data protection, and more equality in Mining.
  2. Furthermore, SegWit2X is implemented and the Mining Hardware is running on GPU-based (as in the case of Bitcoin, Gold also).
  3. The Blocksize will likely be for the time being 2M – should, however, be further developments in 4-8M raised. In addition, the Block Time is 2.5 minutes (similar to Litecoin). This allows faster transactions to be possible.
  4. There is a Replay Protection and the Difficutly Adjustment is in each Block. Bitcoin Platinum (BTCPLT) is also not “premined” and there is no ICO.

The are in short the major differences are summarized. BTCPLT brings some changes and Updates on the way, the need to prove themselves in practice, however, for the first time. How good the Start is, it will show in the next few weeks.

Where Bitcoin Platinum can be purchased, is currently still unclear.

Official website:

Bitcoin Uranium

Bitcoin Uranium (BUM) is split off, probably by the end of the year on the 31.12.2017, the block number is unknown. The main differences are the following:

  1. There should be a new Proof-of-Work algorithm. How this looks however, is not currently understood.
  2. There are also Equihash the GPU/CPU-Mining allowed.
  3. The block time is a Minute, which is still faster than Bitcoin Platinum.
  4. The block size is 1MB (like Bitcoin)- but should be in the future to 2 to 4MB increased.
  5. Segwit is enabled and there is a Replay Protection.
  6. The biggest new feature is expected to lie in a anonymize all the BUM addresses.

Furthermore, each Bitcoin is rewarded to the owner and receives the same amount of BUM as he owns Bitcoin. 20 BTC are held in a Wallet, so 20 BUM be credited. As this is, however, precisely in the Detail to run, is currently unknown (even big exchanges have not commented on it yet).

Official website (currently under construction):

Bitcoin Cash Plus

Bitcoin Cash Plus to be born on 02.01.2018 in block number 501407 via Hard Fork.

The developer promises the following new features:

  1. Equihash is implemented so that Mining with GPU.
  2. Block size of 8MB (like Bitcoin, Cash)
  3. New SighHash signature implements Replay Protection, and improved Hardware Wallet security
  4. The Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) is based on a responsive Proof-of-Work adaptation.

This Coin is also to revolutionize the crypto-world, and the original Bitcoin replace.

Where Bitcoin Cash Plus can be purchased and what Wallets it is, will be announced soon.

Official website:

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