Now Merkel on Trump-mission

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Chancellor Merkel is trying president Trump today, to convince the EU not to take with import tariffs on steel. But the Germans fear the worst.

The chance is small that Donald Trump today broadly smiling a schilfertje of Angela But mantle will reap, as he with Emmanuel Macron did. The relationship of the U.s. president with the German chancellor, is a lot less warm than with the Frenchman, who earlier this week on a three-day state visit should come. But visit is limited to one day.

Last year, during her first visit to the White House, wanted to Trump Merkel not even a hand for the benefit of the photographers. Not that Merkel, therefore, is to moping. For your own audience, there are no points to score by thick friends with Trump. The president is not popular in Germany.

France is in Washington today seen as an important ally in Syria and in the Sahel. Merkel should, however, be a bolwassing expect. Trump takes the Germans to blame that they don’t even have two percent of their gross domestic product on defense spending, as agreed within Nato.

The German participation in the Nord Stream 2, the pipeline of Russian gas through the Baltic Sea to Europe will transport, is also not good at Trump. He finds that the project, the interests of Central European Nato-member states interests. But the biggest stumbling block is the considerable German trade surplus with the US.

Macron seems to Trump so a socket to have on Merkel. But, according to Christoph von marschall cases of the German Marshall Fund, Trump can’t besides look that the German investments in the USA significantly larger than the French and play an important role in the herindustrialisering of the USA – an electoral promise of Trump.

The reception that both European leaders in Washington to turn to fall, may thoroughly differences, they come up with a uniform message about the nuclear agreement with Iran and the U.s. import tariffs for aluminium (10 per cent) and steel (25 percent), which in march became effective.

First rates away, then talk

For 1 may should Trump decide if he is the exemption, which Europe at that rates, conditions, maintains. The German delegation was for her departure is not really optimistic.

‘There is no extension without European concessions, ” said Trumps economic advisor Larry Kudlow yesterday. He had the concessions on ‘commercial practices, rates and taxes’. We consider us more about the details, he added on television channel CNBC. One concrete example he gave: ‘the equal treatment of cars”, referring to the fact that the European import tariffs for cars is a lot higher than the American.

“The EU is ready to talk about our trade relations,” says a European diplomat to The Standard, “but not for the exemption on the steel – and aluminiumtarieven permanently or at least for a very long period. We do no compromise to half illegal measures to escape.’

“Moreover, should the international rules be respected.’ That means that a tariff reduction for cars either for all countries must apply, or should be part of a trade deal that at least 90 percent of the trade between the two parties stores.

The EU has already a list of countermeasures available to the value of three billion euros (US rates would the EU 6 billion cost). Last week, the European Union is also a ‘third party’ to the proceedings of China to the world trade organization started. Just as China opposed the EU, the land on which Trump the rates entered. According to the EU relates to the protection of an industrial sector and not, as Trump has argued, to the national security of the USA.

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