North and South Korea want final peace agreement

The Korean presidents want to start negotiations about the end of the war between the two countries. North Korea would also be willing to use his nuclear weapons to destroy them. The South Korean president draws yet this year for further consultation to Pyongyang.

Report the two countries after a meeting between the North Korean president Kim Jong-un and his ambtsgenoot Moon Jae-in. For the first time since the armistice of 1953, drew the leader of North Korea across the border for direct consultation. The meeting was full of the symbolism.

The conversation between the two presidents also delivers concrete results. Starting next month, there would be open negotiations on a gradual disarmament. By the end of this year should the armistice of 1953 has to be converted to a real peace agreement.

Details of the disarmament are not released yet, but it is certain that both countries strive towards a full denuclearisering’ of the peninsula. In order to come to an agreement, they do on the cooperation of the international community, sounds the yet.

The approach is a quick turnaround after years of sustained tension. That escalated last year with multiple rakettentests.

Experts, however, remain skeptical. Previous agreements ran piece on concrete agreements on inspections and promises of economic aid.

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