New music Stromae online

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Earlier it was announced that Stromae new music would launch, and this Friday it is happening. On Youtube is the clip of Stromae’s nine minute track Défiler online.

The song is the soundtrack of Stromae’s first catwalk show Capsule n°5, the fifth collection of the fashion label Mosaert. This, he founded together with his wife, Coralie Barbier. In a French department store, which took place on april 6, the show place, which is also in the video clip to see.

Stromae, the artist name of Paul Van Haver, switched after the unprecedented success of his latest album Racine Carrée from the limelight. So far, he said in interviews that he may never make a comeback. Last month he appeared unexpectedly on stage during a performance of the French rapper Orelsan, with whom the song is La pluie made.

It is not known whether Stromae more new music will release.

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