Model that relationship had with Avicii shares a heart-rending letter

a45dcdd21a56ec3e5e762ab761adb402 - Model that relationship had with Avicii shares a heart-rending letter

Tim Bergling, as the dj Aviccii really was called, was in a relationship with Czech model Tereza Kačerová. In a letter that they are on Instagram post tells them that he is a loving stepfather for her son and that she even thought of starting a family. In addition to the heart-rending words, she shares a collage with different pictures with Avicii.

“Dear Tim”, begins the 28-year-old Czech model, who is in the U.s. Vermont has grown up, her letter. “I have the last days been waiting to wake up, waiting for someone close to me would say that this is a sick joke, a terrible mistake. I think the idea that I never see you again only now starting to penetrate.” In the message she gets memories of their times together and she speaks about the plans that they had for the future.

“Every time I think of something that we never will finish it, I feel physical pain in my heart. We have never had the Harry Potter marathon completed. I’ve never been able to convince that the name of our daughter, Serafina. You have never been the tattoo on your arm can finish it”, writes Tereza.

Also let them know that they their relationship, the less than secret had held. “I was always keen to keep our relationship out of the spotlight, because I wanted it to be only one of us was and I have no need for the craziness. But I have always thought that when I’m with the rest of the world would share, by the time they become pregnant would be of our child. Not knowing that it will be very different.”

This letter follows on the second statement that Avicii’s family has brought, in which they clearly made that the dj couldn’t go on’. Further, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that he has died in the house of a relative of the sultan of Oman. A spokesman of the artist refused to confirm that he is an end to his life would have made.

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