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Meta-chain: The Blockchain with a democratic consensus principle

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In the ROOF Region established a new Blockchain after the example of the DAO. The meta-chain is based on already established and tested protocols to other Blockchains, but promises significant improvements.

The name of the Coins is called mining. The Hodl Mining Coin (MINE) is a crypto-currency project based on the meta-chain of trust chain Technologies. It is a newly-developed Blockchain technology, which has the capacity to carry a variety of Coins with different claims on a single Blockchain.

It is to be achieved in a much simpler usability, so that even laymen can generate their own Coins, without programming skills. You should have from the beginning, by a factor of 1000 higher scalability than Ethereum, where the scalability can be increased easily in the future. Below is an Overview of what constitutes the essential properties of the blockchains of BitCoin, Ethereum, Hyper Ledger and trust chain.


As the encryption algorithms SHA3, SHA3-KECCAK, SHA3-CSHAKE, SHA3-KMAC not to be, which currently means as a quantum-proof, these are quantum computers able to be decoded.

The most important innovation consists in the Proof of Trust/Proof through the App-called new Consensus algorithm. This is to eliminate the disadvantages of Proof-of-Work, with its high appetite for energy, Mining or Proof of Stake where those who have already get a lot of Coins so that a higher voting right/voting weight. The Proof of Trust algorithm promises democratic table best senior voting rights, as, for example, in the real world in the case of co-operatives in the case. As voting rights and Devices, which make the Consensus, are defined in 3 categories. Full of Nodes, Clients and mobile Devices.

All three systems are involved in charges on the transaction, so that their work is worthwhile. The main goal is to be fair and equal – that one who deserves to be with the greatest computing power, the most money, nor the one who earned the most Coins for the most money – trust worthy nodes earn less because they are more frequently selected, Clients and mobile devices randomly selected.

Source: white paper

For smart contracts in Ethereum established technology is used. The Smart contracts Ethereum are compatible in the TCT network, the meta-chain. Whoever programmed today, Solidity, and can use this knowledge in the meta chain.

In addition to a Wallet, which supports all the Coins that exist on the meta-chain, which contains the the TCT network-a simple crypto exchange.

The legal protection for the DAO-like construct is via a club.

Currently, the Blockchain runs in the Test, the current Status is available here. Here You will find the Roadmap for the MINE.



Trust chain Technologies:




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