Kim Kardashian responds to cheating Tristan

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Kim Kardashian has a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres for the first time responded to the cheating of Tristan Thompson, the boyfriend of her sister, Khloé.

“I don’t even know how I should describe it.” They don’t want to be too negative about talk, proposes to Kim first. “Because there is a child involved and she will see later. But let’s be honest: this situation is terrible. We are there for her.”

Kim and Kourtney traveled to Khloé to help her as soon as the rumors about the adultery of Tristan emerged, and also mother Kris Jenner rushed to her daughter. Presumably because the stress got Khloé early contractions and a day later was daughter True been born.

But instead of on a pink cloud to float, had to Khloé the news process that the father of her daughter is cut with a different woman. Kim is very sad for her. “We were so happy that they are happy. That we still want. But she is very strong and they do a lot of her best.”

Both strong and wise, as apparent from the decision of Khloé for the time being not to take drastic action – in spite of her deep desire to run as fast as the for daughter True possible from Cleveland to her family in Los Angeles to travel.

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