Kim Jong-un on the way to the border with South Korea

1e4b5fb28c723ea8e6dafe198163277c - Kim Jong-un on the way to the border with South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is Friday morning from Pyongyang headed to the demilitarized zone. It reports the staatspersagentschap KCNA. There will he at 10.30 am (3.30 pm (Belgian time) a historic meeting with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.

Kim, according to KCNA ‘frank with Moon Jae-in to discuss any issues that arise in improving the inter-Korean relations and achieve peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula’, says the.

The South Korean government Thursday announced all the details of the meeting. Kim and Moon meet at 10.30 am (3.30 pm (Belgian time) in Panmunjeom, the village in the demilitarized zone, where in 1953 the non-formalised armistice between the two koreas was signed. After their maintenance will be the two leaders separately and have lunch then in the afternoon put together a a memorial tree to plant. At 18.30 hours, the duo will together dinner and a farewell ceremony to attend.

An hour before the meeting would be Kim Jong-un is also on the line of demarcation between the two koreas to walk. He is the first North Korean leader who, since the war of 1950-1953 the border to the south and cross the bridge.

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