Kenyan film Rafiki in Kenya prohibited

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NAIROBI – The Kenyan film, Rafiki (Friend), who next month during the Cannes film festival world premiere, is banned in its home country because the story is about a lesbian love. “Rafiki is trying homosexuality to legitimize and normalize,” said Ezekiel Mutua, the chief of the national filmkeuringsdienst.

Mutua, who is rather enthusiastic about the movie, emphasized Friday that movies, the social values should reflect and respect. “We can’t make a film permit that gives the impression that homosexuality in Kenya is acceptable.”

In the African country is homosexuality prohibited by law, as well as in many other countries on the continent. Violation of the rules can be up to a maximum of fourteen years imprisonment mean.

’Very sad’

The Kenyan commission on human rights for gays and lesbians had taken into account with this decision, but expressed disappointed nevertheless. “It is very sad that the Kenyan public this film in their own country don’t get to see”, responded spokeswoman Kari Mugo. They denounced Mutua and his staff as “moraalpolitie.”

Rafiki is directed by Wanuri Kahiu and produced by the Dutch company Ringer Movie. Cinemien is responsible for the distribution. Kahiu was also disappointed. “Because Kenyans already have the possibility of movies on this subject to see on Netflix. Also, all international films will be screened in Kenya, with the consent of the inspection service itself.”

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