Jury is bracing itself for olympians, girlpower, and a mentalist in third studioshow Belgium’s Got Talent

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Belgium’s Got Talent has already three finalists. Percussiegroep DrumSpirit and acrobat Gilles Thiry were the last two shows a ticket of the jury. Looking Flanders voted dansduo Twice to the finals. The fourth act which to them may join on Friday in the third studioshow published. Then enter the seven new and diverse talents to the stage in the hope their chance this week to redeem.

Special guest during this third studioshow is Tristan, the toddler, who in the second series of Belgium’s Got Talent, created a furore with his version of Gangnam Style. He kicked it when not only to the final, but also to YouTube-hero with more than 42 million views for his auditiefilmpje. Now, 5 years later, dares, Tristan once again to the dance steps of Psy. He has the choreography is still as good below the knee?

The tough hip-hop from the girls of Faemme Nation (17-27, Gent) brought the head of Niels so hollow that his Golden Buzzer pressed. They landed directly in the studioshows and they promise to re-for a strong dose of girlpower to make this possible. In high heels, they show that their dance style is also extremely feminine and sexy. Hunting they the temperature on the jurydesk again the height?

Funk in the purest form, that’s what a dance teacher Dennis and his student Gianni, together Rhythmic Mobility (17 and 23, Antwerp), do. They want the popping style from the ‘80s back to bring to the attention and they got during their audition, only superlatives of the jury. Friday is take them as two “poppende’ Egyptian statues, again all out of the closet.

Her studies brought her from the far Cameroon to Gent, and so ended up with Sonita (25) with her beautiful voice on the stage of Belgium’s Got Talent. With the classic Purple Rain Prince let them during the studioshow a other, emotional side of himself. Wondering if they the audience and jury re-packing.

More singing there is the hot guy with his even warmer voice, Fried Ringoot (51, Westende). “When I sing, I want people like to move,” says the eternal optimist. And that he did during his audition, when he was a sensitive nerve touched with a self-penned ode to his wife. He brings Friday again a song about the days when the less well.

Gymnasts Jimmy and Noah of Interius Were (18 and 24, Brussels and Deurne), will drive Belgium’s Got Talent on Friday to Olympic level. With their breathtaking stunts on the high bar and on the mat, which, according to them, “zotter and challenging”, they hope to make an impression on the jury.

They are – literally – cannot wait to be on the podium: tapdansgroep Taptone (15-44, Kessel-Lo) throws this time about a different bow. They are studs not on traditional Irish music, but give it an American swing. “If you have one missing step, is the act to make soap”, realize the dancers all too well.

Stan, An, Dan, and Niels fell from one surprise into the other when mentalist Piet Kusters (24, Kuringen) during his audition their thoughts effortlessly read. Also now he has prepared well and the judges for months and observed for an even better mental game. Hunts he Stan again, the convulsions in the body?

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