Jean Paul Gaultier does to Kim Kardashian

434d21a1b4ef920b3b04c45b11b8ea15 - Jean Paul Gaultier does to Kim Kardashian

Not only many of the followers of Kim Kardashian will find that they are a direct copy of Jean Paul Gaultiers iconic perfume bottle Classique, the French fashion designer himself, sees a lot of his design back in Kim’s design. Via Instagram let him know that there is only one ’original design’ and placed a picture of the famous bottle in the form of a female bust.

Gaultier writes there: ’the Keeping up with the fragnance news!’, which is a clear reference to the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Earlier this week, posted Kim on the same social media any number of photos in which her naked body is visible, of which a mould is made. Of which mal is the ultimate design of her new perfume came into being.

Many followers on Twitter accusing the realityster of ’ordinary jatwerk’. “Nice try Kim, but this has JP Gaultier us in 1993. His perfume is called Classique”, someone writes. Another sighs: “Think of yourself, something, instead of someone else’s work and blatantly copying it.”

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