Historical: Korean leaders shook hands

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PANMUNJOM – The leaders of North and South Korea have each other for the first time in ten years, shaken the hand. The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the demilitarized zone traveled for a special summit in the border town of Panmunjom.

The two leaders want to put an end to the military conflict between the two countries. The two nations are officially still at war, since the 1953 truce. One of the steps would be the restoration of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in the original state. The four-kilometre-wide zone of no man’s land runs along the line where the Korean War ended in a truce.

Moon shook first hands with veterans before joining his office, the Blue House in the car got to go to Panmunjom to travel. Also, North Korean media reported on the meeting and reported before that Kim Pyongyang has abandoned, for a “historic North-South summit.”

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