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Google is working on its own Distributed Ledger for Cloud Services

cec27636d9d115131328ed82f40c065c - Google is working on its own Distributed Ledger for Cloud Services

Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg has reported that Google is planning its own Blockchain, its Cloud-based Services expand. Furthermore, it was known that Google has yesterday applied for a Patent in the USA for a tamper-proof logging using the Blockchain technology.

As Bloomberg writes, should Google want to the Blockchain technology to its Cloud-based Services for Computing, storage and databases, developer tools and much more. to support and expand.

As we have explained yesterday in our article about Facebook and its biggest Challenger – the Blockchain is a centralized network is always a threat for its users. Even if the company has a very action-performance security, can strengthen the use of the decentralized Blockchain technology, the security level of Google. This is also why Google is investigating certainly is the new technology.

Details of the project are not yet known. Otherwise it looks for the requested Patent for a tamper-proof logging. In the context of the patent application, the function describes the technology in detail.

The Google is interested in the Blockchain technology, however, is nothing new. Therefore, also remains to be seen whether it actually comes to implementation, one of the two projects, or whether it is only to research projects. According to market research firm CB Insights, Google is in accordance with the financial services provider SBI Holdings, the world’s largest Investor, is in the Blockchain. The parent company, Alphabet, has invested among other things in the Blockchain Startups Sorj Labs, LedgerX, Buttercoin, Veem, and not the least Ripple.

The Blockchain competition from Google

Like Facebook Google sees the competition of the Blockchain exposed to. So, there are decentralized approaches, the aim is to implement a Internet search engine on Blockchain-based. Probably the best known Challenger is Brave, along with the Basic Attention Token project.

Brave is a web browser that is based on the Ethereum Blockchain and the Online advertising is set to revolutionise the economy. Brave was developed by a former Mozilla Firefox CEO Brendan. The ICO is the associated Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) has been collected by the end of may last year, within 24 seconds, about 35 million US dollars. The Basic Attention, the project aims to not only provide a Browser – Brave, but also the digital advertising business model change that completely. The Browser removes Cookies for any advertising and spying, and then measures the attention of a User of a website. For this both the user and the advertising is paid for driving in BAT.

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