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Eventbrite claimed access and rotation rights for all Events

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It took less than a month for someone to the new Eventbrite Merchant Agreement had read. An additional area was due to disproportionate access right away – access to your event, during and after the event, and the right to film the content, and to distribute without the artists will be named.


The company grew with the Explosion of Social media. It was founded in the year 2006 and now handles 2 million Events in some 200 countries. You will benefit of 2.5% of each ticket price plus 99 cents per sold Ticket. They do not charge any fee for free events.

Instead, they thought they would simply claim the rights to the content of the Events (see # 7 in this archived document). The organizers are also for the Organisation of, and payment for your participation responsible:

“You are responsible, at their own cost, all rights, shares, and to obtain licenses of third parties that are required in order to secure Eventbrite, the above-described permissions and rights, and you hereby declare that you have done this.”

They give Event organizers the opportunity to change their #to organize their own marketing, to secure #your own data and have control over their #own box office – but to keep the rights to the content of your event.

What you wanted to say:

They assured the Public that the new terms and conditions for all sub-to retailer be beneficial to this marketing campaign, however, is nowhere to be found on their Website (except possibly in a section of the internal event Manager that can not view the participants):

We have added these words to support a marketing program that will help to convey the powerful stories of our dealer/organizers and their search for the link of people. It was never our intention, unannounced, at an event to occur or to incorporate content in terms of content. We have seen our conditions rather than an opportunity to provide the program to all of our organizers at the same time.

Blockchain Solutions

PassageX brings all the benefits of the Blockchain to a platform like Eventbrite to work. The project was founded in January 2018 and has so far processed nearly 400,000 Tickets. The project will have up to the third quarter of 2018, a fully developed network.

The music industry will continue to see a wave of Start-Ups that use the Blockchain technology, the process for the exchange of currencies, Tickets, information, and direct payment from artists to artists.

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