Europol cites IS propaganda from the air

e7b37eb2a907d76bd83f8d07d13b5552 - Europol cites IS propaganda from the air

Europol on 25 and 26 april a large-scale action taken against the propaganda machine of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS).

The goal was the power of propaganda for an indefinite period of time’ to disrupt. “With this action against the major media channels, such as propagandaknaal Amaq, the ability of a terrorist to post material and to publish undermined.’

Austria, belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, France, the Netherlands, the USA and Great Britain were in the action involved. There were already servers seized and put out of operation in Bulgaria, France, Romania, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States, reports the federal public prosecutor’s office.

“With this operation we have a big hole punched in the capacity of to online propaganda to spread and young people in Europe are radicalising,” says Rob Wainwright of Europol.

Also in 2016 and 2017 fell to the police forces of different countries the web infrastructure, of IS already. The servers that in 2017, the Guardia Civil seized were have as to the identification of geradicaliseerden in more than hundred countries led.

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