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Dust money New Exchange offer of Binance

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Binance, which is now the biggest crypto exchange in the world, allows users the remainder of your Coins in the NBB-Token to convert. Thus, the Exchange solves a Problem that should be aware of traders only too well.

Binance is one of the largest stock exchanges in the crypto area of the world. Since the establishment in mid-2017, the success story has no end. Binance takes care of his customers. The lift-off limit of 2 Bitcoin per day without KYC attracts customers from all over the world. The popularity shows, among other things, in the Binance assets under management of about 3 billion euros within 24 hours.

Binance improved their Service

Now Binance announces a further improvement in the Service. The Problem should be one or the other Trader known already: Since you can not adjust the transaction costs in an Exchange manually, there are certain amounts which cannot be withdrawn. Then the transaction would be cost higher than the amount available.

From this Dilemma there is now, however, a way out: The Rest of the Coins, the so-called “Dust” (English: dust) can be converted in the own BNB-Token. For controls, you Binance, then”Funds” –> “Balances” –> select the exchange ends of the Coin –> “Exchange”. Et voila, the useless rest of the money is converted into useful BNB’s.

With the BNB Token you can save on Binance a 50 percent Trading fee. It is, therefore, for the user is a real value. On the other hand, the crypto stock market also benefits, because the customers come in contact with the own Token.

Investor is jealous

While the customer is sued, the CEO Zhao Changpeng. Sequoia Capital pulls Changpeng on trial because he had allegedly broken the exclusivity agreement for an investment. The negotiations should have started in August 2017, and Sequoia had a share of 11 per cent in the case of a whole company-evaluation of 80 million US dollars in view. Due to the dramatic price increases in December, the negotiations have not been successful. Furthermore, other VC to have expressed firm interest in the crypto-exchange, and evaluation with US $ 400 million and one billion U.S. dollars expected to be substantially higher. In dispute is whether Changpeng has kept to the agreed exclusivity.

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