Diamond & Silk with the feet forward

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Diamond and Silk seemed not impressed at all, when they for the Us House of Representatives came to testify. The performance of the two african-American women had a lot of away of their videos on Youtube: loudly, with the feet move forward and not be hampered by facts.

Lynette Hardaway (46) and Rochelle Richardson (47) have come a long way. After a life as convinced Democrats, they saw in 2015 – when one Donald Trump is a candidate proposed for the presidency …

Lynette Hardaway (46) and Rochelle Richardson (47) have come a long way. After a life as convinced Democrats, they saw in 2015 – when one Donald Trump himself candidate for the presidency – the light. The Republican Trump stood for everything they believed, concluded them. In contrast to the Democrats, who, according to Hardaway and Richardson, despite all the nice words, not too many care about the fate of their black brothers and sisters. The conversion was quick and the two spread their new-found faith with great conviction through Youtube, where they are under the names of Diamond and Silk the good news loudly proclaimed on their youtube channel, The viewers.

To the delight of presidential candidate Trump – “How great are they?’ – that the two are in full election campaign during a meeting on the stage called ‘their thing’ to do. Their thing, that is Diamond who has Republican views loudly and enthusiastically shouts – ” Build that wall!’ and Silk that the cries again repeat for those who missed it would have.

Censorship! Censorship!

More than five hundred videos later, they already have over a million followers on Facebook. That success make them profitable with the sale of all sorts of gadgets (a bierbeker anyone?) and their track Trump’s Yo President. Only they are hopeless in the battle with Facebook. They are accusing Mark Zuckerberg and his company that them silenced because their Facebook page as ‘unsafe’ category. Censorship so.

According to Facebook based this all on a misunderstanding. Yes, they were very equally the label ‘unsafe’, but that was a technical mistake and the page is never taken offline or blocked. Anything but censorship. An explanation as to where Diamond and Silk no ears to have: they insist that Facebook them the mouth snoert has and refuses to do anything about it and even not want to talk about it. Figures that their wrong evidence or mails which need to prove that Facebook is indeed the conversation wanted to take, them do not convince. And the cry of ‘censorship’ is only too happy to repeat in the Republican camp.

Silly and ridiculous

That turned out to be yet again on the hearings, where the duo his experiences with social media should explain. Hearings where not everyone has the benefit of understand. “We talked here about the Russian interference with the elections or over our arms legislation, but instead we give a stage to Diamond and Silk’, was a Democrat Hank Johnson fall. ‘A silly and ridiculous session, ” said Republican representative Ted Lieu, outright.

But as they yet were, were Diamond and Silk have their say. And that they did in their individual style, without concrete answers to the questions that have been asked, but to continue to insist that Facebook them the mouth snoert. That the them not so much to the principle to do, but especially for the money they lose through all the troubles with Facebook, there wanted the two not to have.

No money received from Trump, now yes …

That the two there is sometimes a rather free interpretation of the facts held proved when questions arose about financial aid that they from the Trump camp been would have during the election campaign. There was Richardson/Diamond clear: they never had money of Trump. Not $ 5, not $ 100 … Not a penny they have been given. That official documents on campaign expenditure, submitted by the Republicans, to demonstrate that they have in november is indeed a 1,274, $ 94 was paid, could not of thought do change. After repeated urging, said she, eventually, that the money is not campagnebijdrage was, but a compensation for travel expenses.

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