Dennie Damaro got good news

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During his christmas show last year made Dennie Damaro known to the public that he has an album with hits of Will Tura. Thursday was the positive message of Will Tura’s publishing company. As will be Dennie’s album “Ode to the Emperor of the Flemish song” in the beginning of June to appear, let the singer know via Facebook.

It goes well with Dennie Damaro. On Sunday 16 september is the anniversary show, 30 years Dennie Damaro in the Ruiterhal to Brasschaat. Between 14h30 and 18h30, there is a vedettenparade o.a. Chris Van Tongelen , Marc Dex, Melando’s, Garry Hagger, Wendy Of Mittens, Sam Gooris, Eveline Cannoot, Danny Fabry, and Dennie Damaro itself. Tickets, which are 15 euro for adults, including a CD, only on-the-spot sale at the cash register.

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